August 3, 2014

The Slouchy Beanie not just for a Bad Hair Day

Most people when they think of hats it is not necessarily for style... but rather to cover up a bad hair day or to keep warm on a rainy or cold day; but occasionally there comes along a hat that is an absolute must have style accessory and I believe the slouchy beanie is just that hat!

I love slouchy beanies because whether you have short hair, long hair or something in between, whether you are a boy, girl, a man or a woman, whether you consider your style chic, hipster, nerdy, cool, or something uniquely your own the slouchy beanie can fit right in.

You will see them on the runways, your favorite celebrities, and even in my little shop. I offer two styles of slouchy beanies the basic slouchy beanie which is my most popular item as well as the "bottoms up" slouchy beanie which is made from the bottom up hence the name. Both are available in over 16 colors with the basic beanie being available in sizes from toddler to adult the "bottoms up" sized for teens/adults.
Bottoms Up Beanie

Basic Slouchy Beanie

So if you have been looking for the perfect slouch beanie... don't get it twisted and try out one of my beanies it will be your go to accessory even on your best hair day! :)


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