March 7, 2012

What's On The Hook Wednesday ~ The Never Ending the Shawl...

Wow Wednesday comes around pretty quick...I actually have quite a few projects on my hooks this week as I am a vendor at a three day conference next week...but I am going to show the one that has been taking up the most of my time.  I shared this shawl a couple of weeks ago in my "What's On The Hook Wednesday" post and to be honest I thought it would have been finished by now...but it is not which is why I have renamed it as the "never ending shawl." I can definitely see progress and I am still very happy with how it is turning out but I will be a very happy girl when I can share this on "Fresh Off Tha Hook Monday."
Mist of Avalon Shawl
That's all I have to share this week...I am going to get back to this shawl as I really really wanted it completely finished this weekend. Would love to know what projects you are working on, feel free to share in the comments below or join the WIP Wednesday party hosted by Tami Amis.

Until Next Week Remember, Don't Get it Twisted, Get it Crocheted!


  1. Hi, Love your shawl- it's beautiful!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment over at my blog, it helped me find and follow your lovely blog!!

  2. Oh that's such a pretty color and beautiful shawl.

  3. @grateful4Crochet thanks for stopping by hope you are feeling better.

    @Heather Thank you just a few more squares to go!