August 2, 2014

My Favorite Yarn - Caron Simply Soft

The number one question I get asked is what is my favorite yarn or what yarn do I suggest using. I have three yarns that I use most often for my crochet business Don't Get it Twisted Crochet, but I must say that I am a yarnalcholic... so I am pretty much in love with any hand spun hand dyed yarn and have a pretty large stash of this very said yarn and if I had to say what is my absolute favorite it would be all the yarn in that stash.

However if we are talking about what is my go to, never fails, I can pretty much make anything I want to from it yarn it would definitely be Caron's Simply Soft. I did a yarn review on this yarn a few months ago which you can check out below pretty much sums up all the reasons I love it.

Caron's Simply Soft is a 100% acrylic yarn, worsted weight or (4) weight yarn. Last time I checked it came in 36 colors but I believe they have added more since then. It is easy care machine wash and dry you can pretty much find it at any of the large craft stores in the US, Michaels, Joann's, AC Moore and Wal-Mart. I have also ordered it online off of Amazon. My only con about this yarn is that it tends to split a little more often than I like but all the over things I love about it overshadow this one little thing.

So what is your favorite yarn to use? Do you use Caron Simply Soft how do you feel about it?


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