July 4, 2014

So a couple of months ago I talked about crochet "Patience" crocheting my first doll. I didn't know then exactly where the journey was going to take me all I knew then is that I was in LOVE! It amazes me the things that can happen when you put yarn and hook in hand.

Since "Patience" I researched and experimented with several different doll making techniques from head down, to body up, to adding hair first to adding hair later, I have also tried different yarn types from using my go to yarn Caron Simply Soft as well as Red Heart Super Saver and Sugar and Cream Cotton. I have found that I prefer making the head separate and then crocheting the body from the legs up and I prefer a cotton yarn over acrylic as it seems to give the doll a more sturdy body, and I absolutely love dressing them up; the moment I put on her tutu, or dress, or skirt it is like immediately the doll comes to life with her own little personality and I am immediately in love.

Something else that happened that I didn't even expect is all the love for the "brown dolls" when I crocheted "Patience" I decided to make her with brown yarn simply because I wanted a doll who looked like me; it did even occur to me that so many other women would want the same that in 2014 there would be a gap in the market for dolls of color. After doing a little searching on Google I realized that I had my crochet blinders on... I am a true believer that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and COLOR; but as an African American woman it is important that our little girls know and see the beauty in every shade of brown. With that being said I am super proud to introduce an extension of Don't Get it Twisted Crochet ~ My Pretty Brown Doll handmade crocheted brown dolls!


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