January 4, 2011

Here We Go....2011

Wow so here we go with my first post for 2011.  Yesterday was the day that I was going to officially launch Don't Get It Twisted Crochet but I am so happy that I decided to launch back in November when I did.  I have to say thank you for all the support that I received up to this point and I look forward to going to the next level in 2011.  My goals for Don't Get It Twisted Crochet is to share the gift and joy of crochet with as many people as possible.  I normally don't do resolutions because I have ongoing goals and just figure I will continue to work on them but this year I have decided to focus my attention on some particular areas and see what happens; so in addition to my financial and health goals I have decided to add some crochet goals.  My two big crochet goals this year are 1. Crochet with different material other than yarn...(you will be amazed at what can actually be crocheted) and 2. Create my own crochet pattern/design.  I would also like to blog more often; I can't believe my last blog was December 1st and it is not because nothing has been going on; just not doing it; so to help with this one I have decided to add Don't Get It Twisted Crochet ~ Tuesday Tip.  Every Tuesday I will post a tip and or trick that has helped me when crocheting.  And since it is Tuesday today's tip is already posted.  So from my hook to yours wishing you your best year yet!

Remember Don't Get It Twisted ~ Get It Crocheted!


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