January 4, 2011

Don't Get Twisted Crochet ~ Tuesday Tip

Welcome to first of many (I hope) Don't Get It Twisted Crochet ~ Tuesday Tip.  Every Tuesday it will be my plan to leave a tip or trip that I have learned that is helping improve my crochet technique.  Today's tip is for "hookers" who want to try out their hook with crochet thread instead of yarn.  If you have ever admired crochet doilies, tablecloths, snowflakes, and or crochet that has a very Lacy look most likely you are looking at crochet that was crocheted with thread.  A couple of nights ago I was browsing the Internet and found a beautiful crochet rose bookmark and I knew that I was going to have to make one not only because I love to read but also because it would be the perfect opportunity to try my hook at crocheting with thread.  I thought it would be a pretty easy task as I consider myself a pretty good hooker crocheter.  So I went out to my favorite craft store purchased 10size crochet thread a 1.5mm and 1.8mm size hook and........
after two hours this  is all I have to show for my beautiful crochet rose bookmark.  Lets just say that crocheting with thread is hard; especially if you are transitioning from yarn. 

So today's tip is: If you are going to try your hook at crocheting with thread and thread is brand new to you, have a lot of patience.  Patience is the key to working with this oh so little hook and oh so little thread. I was able to find some great tips over at crochet.tangleweeds.  Hopefully I won't need the magnifying glass but I will get one if need be because I will have my beautiful crochet rose bookmark.

Have tips to share for crocheting with thread share them in the comments.

Until next Tuesday Remember Don't Get It Twisted ~ Get It Crocheted!


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