November 15, 2013

A Hookers Gift List: Top 5 Gifts for Crocheters

It has been way too long since posting to my blog in all honesty I went through a phase of trying to move my blog to its own domain and Word Press and as you can see since I am posting here that did not go well. None the less with the holidays right around the corner I thought no better time to give my blog some new life than with my top 5 gifts for the crochet addict in your life.

Let me just say these are the top 5 gifts on my gift wish list this year listed in my order of preference I am sure the "hooker" in your life would love any gift of this list but have a different preference.

1: Furls Crochet Hand Carved Wooden Crochet Hook - I have been trying to win one of these beautiful hooks all year. They are absolutely gorgeous but more than beauty they constructed in a manner to fit in your hand to provide the maximum hand and wrist relaxation; and every hooker knows that comfort while crocheting is the most important thing. The hook is a little on the pricey side but well worth the investment. If would love to have an entire set of these hooks but if  I had to chose just one I would love a Blackwood in size H (5.00m) which is the size hook I use most often. You can order your custom hook at
2. Beautiful Yarn from Expression Fiber Arts... so what's a hook without yarn and Expression Fiber Arts definitely has you covered in that department. I actually came across while on Facebook. Chandi the lady behind Expression Fiber Arts was promoting her new book and although I have not had a chance to read the book yet I just had to get my hands on some of her delicious fiber. All yarn is hand dyed by Chandi in her home in Alaska right now I am love with the color way DragonFruit and want it in every yarn weight from lace to chunky. You can shop all the lovely yarn at
3. Gift cards - I know some people say gift cards are not thoughtful gifts but I promise no hooker is going to turn away a gift card from there favorite craft store or local yarn store. I prefer mine for Michaels as they carry the yarn I use most often :)

4. Denise in Double Q Double Ended Crochet hooks... I feel like I need these to take my hooking skills to the next level. I have done very little Tunisian crochet because I don't have the proper hooks but with this set I will not have that excuse anymore I have seen these sets on Amazon as well as

5. Last but not least I am in love with Earth Wool Fire yarn bowls the only reason this is #5 on my list is because I believe mine would be used more for decoration than as a yarn bowl... but I definitely want one this holiday season. They are based out of Portsmouth England and you can order via their Facebook page here.
So there you have the top five items on my gift wish list this year... and if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for your non hooking friends then look no further than Don't Get it Twisted Crochet!


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