December 1, 2010

Great Gifts For the Yarn Lover in Your Life

So the holidays are fast approaching and I can almost guarantee what I will be unwrapping this holiday season.  Yarn, Yarn, and more yarn and probably a few gift cards from some of my favorite craft stores like Michaels, and JoAnns.  I am always grateful for this gifts because really and truly I don't think I could ever have enough yarn; but if you want to be a little more creative with your gift giving this year check out the list below for some great gifts for the yarn lover in your life.

1.  Stress Relief Gloves:  These are the perfect stocking stuffer; whether they are just getting started of have been working with yarn for years there will come a time when those hands will get sore.  These gloves are great to relieve the pressure and come in three sizes.  Show your loved one you care and keep their hands healthy for years to come.
Stress Relief Gloves for Knitters-MEDIUM

2.  Pom - Pom Maker: This gift is sure to put a smile on the face of the yarn lover in your life.  This easy to use tool will allow the crocheter to add cute full, fluffy pom-poms to their crochet items.  Pom-Pom maker is great gift for even the beginner crocheter and comes in 4 sizes.  There is even one that makes heart shaped pom-poms.
Clover Large Pom Pom Maker

3. Ball Winder:  Talk about love.  The person who gives this gift to a crocheter is sure to get a few special items made just for them.  Tangled yarn is the worse for any crocheter and this Ball winder is the perfect gift to keep yarn in the perfect ball so the crocheter can simple pull the yarn from the center.  Not only does it stop yarn from being tangled but also helps with tension and pull of the yarn to make those crocheted items beautiful every time.
Yarn Ball Winder

4. Yarn Swift:  The perfect companion to the the Ball Winder is the Yarn Swift.  The Swift keeps yarn neat as you use the Ball Winder buy them both together add yarn and you can mark the crocheter in your life off the list as you will have given the best holiday gift!
New Wooden Swift Yarn Winder Medium

Have other ideas for great gifts for a yarn lover be sure to leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays and Remember Don't Get It Twisted ~ Get It Crocheted!


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