September 12, 2014

Why I Crochet...

Today is international crochet day! How cool is that a day just for "hookers" got to love that crochet humor but since it is our day I thought it a great day to share with you my top 10 reasons why I crochet although the list could go on and on and on so here we go...

Ten Reason Why I Crochet:

Reason 10: Because I can't sleep at night... so I crochet

Reason 9: Because I don't have cable, which means I spend a lot of time on Netflix, which means I can watch entire seasons of shows like Breaking Bad and make a hat for every episode.

Reason 8: Because last time I checked I had over 100 projects on my "I want to crochet this" list and I add at least one project to that list everyday.

Reason 7: Because I have a yarn stash that could fill up one of the rooms in my house but I spread it throughout the house so it doesn't look like I have too much.

Reason 6: Because of all the other wonderful "hookers" I have connected with, everywhere I go I can find someone who crochets even when in another country we don't have to speak the same language as long as we can speak crochet!

Reason 5: Because I work for a major airline where people think I have a crystal ball and can control the weather as well as the weight and smell of the person sitting next to them on the plane :). I crochet to keep me from going crazy on my "day job".

Reason 4: Because sometimes I pray while I crochet, I turn everything off it is just me yarn a hook and I have a little talk with Jesus!

Reason 3: To teach, I love to share the art of crochet with others so I crochet to stay updated on my skills to share with others.

Reason 2: To make things and share the art of crochet with the world, I have been lucky to have a crochet business that continues to grow every year Don't Get it Twisted Crochet.

Reason 1: To honor my Great Aunt who put hook and yarn in my hand for the very first time. Love you Aunt Lucindy wish you were here to see how much you have changed my life.


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