October 26, 2012

Power of Word of Mouth and Twenty Scarves in Three Days

It started with this picture...I posted it on my Facebook page on September 11th. I was just sharing with my page something I had been working on. I was excited because it was a new yarn and I also was working with a larger hook. The response on the picture was "where can I buy this?" So I added it to my Etsy Shop and my newest Fall collection was born... Big Hook + Big Yarn = The Perfect Infinity Scarf funny how things just fall into place somethimes.

What happened next I am still not sure I was ready for...everyday I would get an order and a message saying "my friend said I would love this scarf can't wait to receive it." or "my friend just got her scarf can you make me one in a different color" to say I was happy and excited would be an under statement and of course I broke out in my happy dance!

Then I received a message that went something like this: One of my co workers had on your beautiful wool blend scarf at an event we attended this weekend. I love the scarf and was wondering if you offer a discount for larger orders thinking about ordering 10. I replied back stating the discount that I could offer and her response simply blew me away. "Thanks lets make it 20!"

And that is how and why I made 20 Big Hook + Big Yarn = The Perfect Infinity Scarf in three days! (I did have two weeks to make them but my schedule and other orders pushed these to a 3 day time frame).
Packaged and Ready To Go!

I am writing this post to say thank you! Thank you to each and every one of you who has supported my hobby turned into a full fledge small business. Thank you for telling your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends to Don't Get it Twisted, Get it Crocheted!
I am also writing this to encourage my other small business friends to keep going and to keep telling other folks what you do. Don't be afraid to say you knit, bake, sew, draw, paint, or whatever crafty or non crafty thing for that matter it is that you are called to do. You never know who they may tell and that very person may just say lets make that TWENTY!


  1. Wow, that is amazing- congrats!! The scarves are gorgeous :D Do you mind me asking what size hook you used to make them?


    1. Hi Melinda...just seeing your message. Thank you so much for the compliment and I used a Q hook.